What makes Poggios so addictive?

It could be our powder-fine flours that are milled considerably finer than regular flours, which mean a light-as-air base that doesn’t dry out or crumble.

Or it could be our premium unsalted butter sourced from cows known to deliver super smooth and richly flavoured milk.

It could be that we make all our own fresh almond meal from scratch – first blanching plump almonds before crushing them just before using them in our Poggios to retain the maximum amount of gorgeous almond oil on the meal.

Or it could be that we source the richest, most flavourful glazed fruit and nuts from around the world to ensure a taste explosion in every Poggio.

  • We craft every single Poggio from scratch.
  • No pre-mixes. No par-bakes. No chemicals, preservatives or additives.
  • Just simple, wholesome scrumptiousness in each cute Poggio.
Whatever the reason – Poggios are simply addictive!

The 12 Flavours of Poggio Fabulousness

  • Choc Almonelo – Chocolate Almond Paste Dusted With Icing Sugar *GF
  • Razberelo – Raspberry And White Chocolate
  • Pistachio Almonelo – Pistachio And Almond *GF
  • Chocazelo – Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Lemonelo – Lemon
  • Fruitchocelo – Fruit And Chocolate
  • Coconelo – Coconut And Apricot
  • Amerenelo – Cherry And Almond *GF
  • Cherry Almonelo – Almond Paste Rosette With Cherry On Top *GF
  • Ettielo – Bitter Almond
  • Merangazelo – Meringue And Hazelnut *GF

 *GF = Gluten Free; *DF = Dairy Free

 Warning: Poggios are not suitable for people with nut allergies