What are Poggios?

Poggios are

…mouth-watering treats made fresh from scratch, by hand, and with a whole lotta love. They’ll have you crying out “Oh wow! You HAVE to taste this!” They are an enormously addictive piece of Italian homemade deliciousness.

The Poggios Story

It’s no secret that Italians love cooking and great food. Our family is no different.

Generations of our family have passed from mother to daughter their recipes for tempting yummies made with love. But our recipes are even more superb as we have taken this Italian scrumptiousness and given them a modern gourmet twist!

We first started making Poggios and selling them from big wicker baskets at our local growers markets. We would watch as people would buy one or two Poggios to nibble while they wandered the markets with coffee in hand.

And we would welcome them back a few minutes later as they returned with massive goofy smiles to buy a dozen or more different flavoured Poggios to take home to share with friends and family.

Before we knew it, every weekend we would have queues anxiously waiting for their Poggio fix as word of our mouth-watering treats got around.

The Italianeer brand was born and Poggios were our first creation. We started wholesaling Poggios to cafes and specialist stores to meet the demand that our big wicker baskets couldn’t fill. Pretty soon, we had to hire more Italian pastry chefs to help us create Poggios on a larger scale (We whispered our recipes in their ears – making them promise not to tell Nonna that we had tweaked her recipes! Sssshhhhh!)
Then the calls started. People wanted to order boxes and boxes of Poggios to send to family around Australia and overseas.
While we now bake Poggios by the thousands each week – a few things never change. We still make every Poggio fresh from scratch, by hand, with premium ingredients and no artificial anything. Because, after all, Poggios to us just means made with love.